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How to Create a Flame Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop


Pyrophobia is an inordinate fear of or hatred of fire. This tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop's Flame filter, along with some flame, smoke, and spark image textures as well as blending options, filters, and adjustment settings, to create a blazing, fiery text effect. Let's get started!



1. How to Create Background and Text Layers

Step 1

Create a new 1200 x 850 px document, click the Create new fill or adjustment layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel, choose Solid Color, and use the Color #1e100c.


Step 2

Create the text in All Caps using the font Aller Light. Set the Size to 350 pt and the Tracking to 100.


2. How to Create a Stroke Path and Layer

Step 1

Right-click the text layer and choose Create Work Path.


Step 2

Hide the text layer by clicking the eye icon next to it, and create a new layer with the name Stroke Flames.


3. How to Use the Flame Filter

Step 1

Go to Filter > Render > Flame, and click OK if you get a message telling you that the path is long.

Next, you'll be playing around with the different options and settings' values to stroke the path with flames, until you get an outcome you like.

The values used here are:


Flame Type: 2. Multiple Flames Along Path

Length: 115

Check the Randomize Length box.

Width: 35

Interval: 50

Check the Adjust Interval for Loops box.

Quality: High (Slow)



Turbulent: 35

Jag: 20

Opacity: 50

Flame Lines (Complexity): 29

Flame Bottom Alignment: 20

Flame Style: 2. Violent

Flame Shape: 5. Pointing

Check the Randomize Shapes box.

Click OK to apply the filter. It might take some time, so just wait a little bit for it to be rendered.


Step 2

When you like the outcome, pick the Direct Selection Tool (A) and hit the Return key to get rid of the work path.


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